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      /myo═×oz/  noun

(in Greek and Roman mythology) each of nine goddesses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who preside over the arts and sciences.

synonyms: inspiration, creative influence, stimulus; formal: afflatus

"the poet's muse"



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The Tiki Collective is a group of individuals who make music that is a blend of Exotica (Polynesian inspired), Pop, Classical, Surf and Jazz. The Tiki Collective members are based in Toronto Canada, have performed live since 2016 and just released their debut CD, "Muse".

Featured vocalists: Genevieve Marentette, Joanna Majoko, Heather Luckhart, Lily Frost, Tyra Jutai, Melissa Lauren, The Willows (Krista Deady, Andrea Gregorio, Lauren Pedersen), Jessica Lalonde, Paget Biscayne, Irene Torres, Jocelyn Barth, Mingjia Chen, Avery Raquel, and Denielle Bassels.

Instrumentalists: Eric St-Laurent, George Koller, Great Bob Scott, Michael Davidson, Attila Fias, Ernie Tollar, and guests Drew Jurecka, Bill McBirnie, Carlos Del Junco, Tom Walsh, John MacMurchy, William Sperandei, and Jono Grant.

Produced by Jaymz Bee and Jono Grant, and executive producer, Lorenzo DiGianFelice.

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